Checking In

So yes, my friends, I accidentally blew up my entire site. Even files I’d been secretly hiding on my site for years…gone forever. It was all done rather foolishly with one accidental mouse click. Needless to say, I’ll be a little more careful in the future.

 Anyhow, this allows me to try and keep things a little better organized this time around. There’s still a lot of new features I want to implement into the site that will take some time to do, but by restarting everythng, I can make sure that it’ll be easier to add the features when they are ready.

Actually, you probably shouldn’t even be reading this right now unless you’re snooping around my site, as this section isn;t really available yet. So a copmbined “shame on you” and “contgratulations” goes out to ya.

Here’s one scary thign to leave you with. Go to You Tube and search “fat kid videos.” It’s seriously head-shakingly ridiculous what you will discover. Both sad and morbidly fascinating (not to mention obese) all at the same time.

Take care,


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