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“Tie a string around your finger now, boy…’cause it’s just a matter of time…” …until you can listen in to Ringside Live with Ian Hamilton (author of Wrestling’s Sinking Ship: What Happens to an Industry Without Competition) and his ridiculous co-host… ME! The hilarity gets under way LIVE at 7:00pm EST. Log onto to http://www.wrestling-online/ringside […]

Video Updates…

I understand these videos may not be everyone’s thing, but I thought you’d like to see some of my latest schtuff.


Very saddened to read today about the death of Mark Markley. Mark, under the guise “Mark From WA” posted on several pro wrestling message boards. He always generated great discussion with wit and pizazz, interspersed with plenty of talk of great 80’s music. He was a longtime wrestling superfan in Washington State, and seemed to […]

Building A New Store

As you may have noticed about a week ago, I added a link to the front page for a new store feature I’ve been implementing on the site. I found a plugin that does the trick a lot better, so I’m slowly configuring it. I’ll be selling some exclusive Adam Firestorm items, as well as […]

In Defense Of Protecting Your Melon…

I may very well catch a little flack or heat for this, but I’m not really sure if I care or if it even really matters anymore. Now before I get into this rant, let me first clear up that I absolutely love professional wrestling. I have ever since the first time I saw it […]

Oprah’s Book Club

I’m about to dig into the book “Wrestling Babylon” by Irv Muchnick. Mr. Muchnick has been on a number of media broadcasts discussing the murder/suicide story surrounding Chris Benoit, and has received some acclaim for his article/essay “Jimmy Snuka and the Groupie” (which discusses the controversial death of the Superfly’s girlfriend in the early 1980’s […]