And We Are GO!

 Well, not really, but I always enjoy jumping the proverbial gun.

Of course I’m talking about the relaunch of this little site here that we call Not everything is quite how I want it yet, but that will come with time. I’ve been getting these emails along the line of “C’mon, Adam, how tough can it really be?” Well, it’s not, really…but I’ve had a lot on the go. Plus I got everything JUST the way I wanted it and then screwed something up…TWICE. Part of me just wanted to get the site back up so I’d stop tempting fate by wanting to tinker with it every five seconds.

So here we go. Check back for lots of fun (or are they?) blogariffic blog of all blog entries.

See ya soon (like probably tomorrow) kiddos!


El Antorcha Promo Shot10 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH…

El Antorcha was preparing for a big wrestling show at the Eagles Hall in New Westminster, BC against that pesky Billy Jean Jackson!

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