Bring On The Crappy Videos!

Alrighty, I make no secret about how wonderful I think You Tube is. The same can be said for all the other similar video sharing sites (Daily Motion, VidiLife, Google Video, etc.).

It’s not hard to just get lost amongst the mass of  … STUFF. Whether it me old wrestling matches, show intros, cartoons, classic moments from TV shows, you name it. Occasionally you’ll find a fun video that some creative people made as well.

That said, one sad side effect of home computers becoming more powerful and more affordable is that these days, just about ANYONE can make a video and post it to the net. Well, I say “make” a video, I should have written “attempt to make a video.” Some of these things are just downright atrocious and embarrasing to watch. Plus, I’m getting sick of seeing all the pre-fab Windows Movie Maker effects that seem to be all over 9/10ths of the videos I see. Oh well, gotta give ‘em points for trying, right?

Speaking of excessive, cheesy effects, here’s an old Adam Firestorm promo video circa 2001-2002 via – you guessed it – You Tube.

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