Wanna Trade?

Rise and Fall of ECW DVDSo I recently procured a number of great wrestling DVDs from that place they called the eBay. I won a lot of great discs 90% of them out of print and no longer available. Actually, some of them were quite rare to begin with. Anyhow, I got this big stash of them dirt cheap.

The only downside is of this fine collection I obtained there was one title that I already had. Givene the number of DVDs I got for such a great price, it was a small price to pay.

This duplicate was the awesome WWE-released “Rise and Fall of ECW” two-disc set that came out a few years ago. Anyone that has seen it will agree it’s a great view and has many great bomus matches along with the documentary feature.

Anoyhow, I don;t need two copies, so I’ll send my extra to any of my fantastic and loyal “Firestorm Fanatics” out there. The kicker? All you have to do is send me something cool in return. That’s it.

Just email me use the contact form on this site with your offer.

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