Guitar Hero III = $9,000+ On eBay

I’m not even remorely what you wold consider a “gamer.”  My idea of a good video game is pretty much anything that was released for either the Commodore 64 computer system, or the old Atari 2600 that you would hook up to your TV. My favouroite video game ever is probably Pitfall. I like games where you play for two minutes, and either you win, or you don’t.

Even not being on top of thelatest in video games, you have to be some sort of hermit to not notice the juggernaut that is the Guitar Hero video game franchise. The week that Guitar Hero III was released, it was pretty hard not to see ads everywhere, or notice that everyone around you was buying it.

I’ll even go as far as to admit that Mrs. Firestorm and I even bought the game for our PS2. You know what? Even I will curmudgeonly admit that it’s, well … fun.

I recently came across this eBay auction. Now, it being the festive season, where people’s affections are often measured on their gift-giving skills, I guess people are getting desperate finding the perfect gift in stock at their local stores.

This particular brand new, unopened copy of Guitar Hero III ended up going for over $9,000! Actually, if you read the description, it gets ever crazier.

Turns out, the game was listed by a father who had searched high and low for the game for his son’s Christmas gift. He toiled away for hours, searching to find a store with a copy left in stock, braving long lines and grumpy customers in crowded stores.

Upon returning home, he found his dear son smoking a big hooey in the backyard with his buddies. Angry, the father immediately posted the game for sale on eBay, being sure to give his son the link so he could watch his cherished gift go to the highest bidder.

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