Video Fun

Yesterday marked two years since I opened my You Tube account. In that time, my videos have been watched over 200,000 times. I’ve received terrific feedback, and been invited to work on a number of really interesting projects as a result of people viewing my work.

Here’s a couple fun vids to check out, and one newer one of my own…

This is kind of old hat now in the fast-moving world of viral video. It’s the now-famous Alex Wright promo video from WCW German TV. Take a look at these awesome video effects. They just SCREAM early 1990’s. I’m waiting for Jesus Jones or E.M.F. to show up somehow.

Any of you surfing over here from the Pacific Northwest will be familiar with former wrestler and current ECCW referee “Vicious” Verne Siebert. Here he is in the early 1980’s battling the Honky Tonk Man on the old BCTV All Star Wrestling TV show.
Embedding is disabled on this clip, so here’s the direct link:

On a sad note, the wrestling world bid adieu to Greg Gillies, aka: Dobie Gillis in late December. I rushed this little tribute video together. Mr. Gillis was a great guy who I first met as a teenager. In fact, I smuggled him into my high school editing suite to put together a promo tape for him which he used to get booked into Puerto Rico.

I opened a second You Tube account a while back to upload videos of various things I was discovering in an old box of videos I came across. I didn’t want to upload them to my adamfirestorm You Tube account, as I like to keep that for strictly videos I have created myself.

Well, I started uploading stuff, including a faked blooper clip I made for fun to see if people would buy it. Needless to say, they did, and it was even shown briefly on the TMZ TV show! Hah hah hah hah. Suckers! It was fun seeing my handiwork posted all over the net on message boards and copied and reuploaded by other people. I also made a couple fake Titantron videos which are still circulating on the ‘Tube. One of them is a Sid Titantron I made when I constructed the website for the Super Ex Showdown this past May in Ottawa. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Sadly, You Tube chose to delete that second account, probably due to receiving complaints from WWE. They never told me why, and my emails to them went unanswered. I opened yet another account which suffered the same fate within days. I tried one last time, and the third account lasted a whole 48 hours. I have since given up.

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