Andy Kaufman

Hey, kids…it’s just me checking in again after slacking off.

I’ve been in the habit the last few weeks of probably staying up way too late considering I have a rugrat that likes to come drop an elbow on me early in the morning. With the house nice and quiet in the night-time, I have been spending time with the Mrs., exploring You Tube (definately one of my favorite passtimes), and or delving into my scary back room to look through old tapes.

My favorite thing about You Tube is some of the weird and wacky stuff you can find there, and the old clips from my childhood years that are bunrned in my memory but I thought I’d never see again. I also check out plenty of video tutorials, as nerdy as that sounds.

The problem with me staying up late can be that sometimes I just get in a silly mood. As such, I’ve been watching a lot of old Andy Kaufman clips and sketches.  Most of my familiarity with Kaufman as a kid came from Taxi (which I never liked as a kid, but actually enjoyed when I saw one episode on a rerun years ago as an adult) and his escapades with Jerry “The King” Lawler in the Memphis wrestling territory.

Now, as I understand it, Mr. Kaufman was never particularly comfortable with being labelelled a comedian.  I beleive he saw himself as more of a song-and-dance performer or performance artist. In fact, in my opinion, some of his best work was him trying to be absolutely serious, with people thinking he was joking and laughing at him.

I recently came across a film on Google Video which presents a very good cross-section of Kaufman’s work. It’s called “The Passion of Andy Kaufman.” Clocking in at over two-and-a-half hours, it may be a little long for most, but I highly recommend checking it out. I’ve been watching parts of it here and there in the evenings, and it’s been great fun. He was such a “worker” that it’s no suprise he ended up having some involvement in professional wrestling.

Here it is, hope you enjoy it…

The Passion of Andy Kaufman

If you don’t have the patience for such a hefty undertaking, check out one of my favorite Andy sketches, from the show “Fridays” (an SNL knockoff), with the mysterious “Masked Magician.” When I first saw this sketch a few weeks ago, I totally thought it might be the one and only Intelligent Sensational Destroyer (Dick Beyer) under the mask. Actually, it was Andy’s co-conspirator Bob Zmuda.

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