WrestleMania Sunday!

Well, it’s WrestleMania Sunday, my friends. This is a day that brings back a LOT of memories for me, and trust me, they’re all good.

The first WrestleMania I saw was WrestleMania 2, however, that was by way of videotape. I didn;t see any of the hype going into the event, just what happened afterwards. WrestleMania III, however, I saw all the buildup for, and even though I was just a little kid, I was hyped up for it. I didn;y understand what pay-per-view was, so I stayed home all day trying to find it on TV. I figured “pay TV” meant it was on the movie channel we got. Oh well.

This next memory is either funny, or just dumb. When I was young,  wrestling a lot and had zero real-life expenses,  I obtained an interesting “device” that enabled me to, with questionable legality, obtain wrestling pay-per-views. Often, my buddy James would come over to check out the shows. In this case, it was WrestleMania X-7 (or whichever one had the Gimmick Battle Royale).

James and I, both being goofs for equally goofy gimmicks were REALLY looking forward to this added attraction. Where else would you be able to see Hillbilly Jim, the Gobbelly Gooker, and Iron Sheik all in the same match (with Repo Man, no less?). Well, just as the battle royale was starting, the fire alarm went off in my apartment building.  Now, I lived in one of those complexes that had three or four seperate apartment buildings, and all were a little on the shady side. My building was actually the nicest one, and the more family-oriented one (read: the least crack and meth dealers lived in it). I figured someone homemade meth lab just blew up, or someone set off a smoke alam smoking a bong in the hallway. There was no way were going to evacuate and miss the GIMMICK BATTLE ROYALE!

So I did what any same human would do. I tunred the TV in the other room on and set it to the security camera channel. I figured it it was serious, I’d see fire trucks and police cars showing up at the front door. Then I kept watch the Gimmick Battle Royale.

 That’s right kids, who needs safety when you can watch Duke “The Dumpster” Droese and Kamala.

Still, there’s nothing like being 12 years old and heading out on Monday morning before school to buy all the newspapers to see if any of them ran results of the big show the next day (no internet back then).

And for the record, my least favorite WrestleMania? WrestleMania IX. The ending makde me so mad, I almost legit quit right then and there. ALMOST! Best thing about the show was Hulk Hogan’s black eye.

And with that, I will go search out a way to watch WrestleMania this year. I have no wrestling friends in this city, so it’s getting harder to share this special day with people, but darn it, it’s WrestleMania! I could watch alone and be happy.

Perhaps later I’ll post some old WrestleMania newspaper clippings I still have from when I was a kid.

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