Nothing Says “Tough” Like Kittens!

Hello, kiddies, tis I, back to grace you with my presence!

Where have I been? Unearthing goodies like the following item for your delight, of course!

Mr. T Jewelery

Now, the point of posting this picture is not to say “Hey, cool, authentic Mr T. jewellery!” Although, while I’m at it, “Hey, cool…authentic Mr. T jewellery!”

No, the point is to bring attention to the two small, furry, cute little kittens that seem to have cuddled up and called Mr. T home. In case you missed them, there’s one on his shoulder (we’ll call him Pirate Kitty) and one on his arm (we’ll call her Paris Hilton’s Dog Wannabe Kitty).

 What the…?

Now, I’ll admit that I may vaguely recall seeing this item in a toy store when I was a very little bpy while the A Team was all the rage on TV. I can’t say I remember seeing the kittens, though.

 Not that there’s anything wrong with cute, cuddly kittens. I reccommend them highly while reading a book and drinking hot chocolate on a cold rainy day.

I can only assume that the kitties are there in order to not make Mr. T look too scary to the wee ones that might see this gem (no pun intended) on the toy store rack. 

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