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Hey, kiddos!

I’m in a very forward-thinking mindset these days.

There’s a few projects that I am very excited about jumping into, but can’t right now due to a number of reasons. I spend most days like a kid after they’ve been told to go to bed on Christmas Eve.

There’s no real mystery or super secret reason why I can;t get started as quickly as I’d like. I’m househunting right now. Once I’m happilly settled in my new digs and have everything set in place the way I want it, I’ll be good to go.

In the meantime, there’s things I can work on and adjust right away.

Like this site.

Yeah, yeah, I know… I redsign almost as frequently as I change my pants. I don’t really mean a redesign this time. Just a little shuffling and tweaking. 

Mostly concerning this blog.

I keep meaning to update it much more frequently, and feel it might be easier to do so if it was placed right on the main page of the site? What do all of you out there think? Do you intentionally click on the link to this here blog to see if a new entry has been added? Would you be happier if the main page had less “general” info and just the blog? How about just excerpts, or “teasers” from recent entires.

Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t use this site, I run it. You guys visit it and use it, so let me know what you’d prefer. Just email me directly at . If you’re on my Facebook list, message me there. If you have an IM program, catch me there. My cell? Call me. I think you ge tthe driftola.

Also, what about other fun stuff? Audio by way of Podcasts? Video updates/Vlogs? If I was to get as much feedback as a chessy garage rock band, I’d be happy.

 Let me know what you think!

Be good,


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