Fun Games to Play

I think I had a pretty interesting and creative childhood. I wrote lots of stories (and was in some sort of gifted program for child literary genuises – what happened?), and liked to create a lot of my own games.

I especially enjoyed inventing fun games with my family and my cousins, who are all in the same age group as me, so we hung out lots (I even had a cousin in the same grade at my high school and when we were in the same classes would get up to no good, but that’s another story for another day). This creative outlet continued on all through the years of my youth, and to a degree, continues still today.

I couple of games I recall were “Keep Off” and “The X Game.”

In “Keep Off”, you had to start atop the entertainment centre of my rec room and make it out into the hallway without touching the carpet. I think you were allowed two or three (there was a low limit) of pillows to use as “stepping stone”, but that was it. Injury would usually result when the contestant would try to gain as much ground as possible my taking wild leaps from the top of the entertainment centre.

The “X Game” came in my teenage years, and due to injury was only played officially three or four times. I can’t condone people out there copying the game, so I’ll just say it was like a cross between a lottery and a  gang initiation. 

One of the more fun games is a little something I  like to call

“Surrey Slummin'”

 Alright, so let me tell you ’bout that there Surrey Game. Surrey is City here in British Columbia. It actually has some rather nice areas, but in general it has a reputation of being a little on the seedy side. There are some lower-income, higher-crime areas that probably aren’t doing the stereotype any favours.

One afternoon, I met up with my good buddy James the Custodian for lunch at one of our preferred establishments for a bargain basement-priced wing eating extravaganza. I’m not positive, but it may have even been his birthday. I think his younger brother mat have been with us as well.

We had our feast, and our plates were all a disgusting display of our gluttony, with picked-bare bones piled up to sickening heights.

All of us then had to catch a bus to our next destinations. We decided we had done enough damage to our bodies that we should take the twenty minute walk to the main bus loop rather than take a bus there.

It was then that the game that would come to be known as “Surrey Slummin'” was invented. 

We were in a seedier part of Surrey, not surprisingly just a stones throw away from the original ECCW Pro Wrestling School (which has become affectionately known as the “Backyard of Pain”). We noticed as we made our stroll a ridiculous amount of trash, rubbish, and garbage (yes I know they’re all the same thing) littered about the street and sidewalk.

So we began to make a game out of it. We awarded points for different types of garbage we would see on the side of the road. This being a seedy area, the garbage was much more than your standard empty McDonalds cup or used napkin. We’re talking empty cigarette packs, stray sneakers, underwear, spoons with mysterious burn marks on then, and dare I say, used condoms (which by far awarded the highest point value).

 Now, this all started off well and good enough as a sort of joke. Sadly, by the time we were done and had each registered high level points, reality kicked in. Number one, people throw their junk on the ground too much. Number two, what they throw on the ground is a sad commentary on the neighbourhood and society in general.

Oh well.

If you feel so inclined, give Surrey Slummin’ a try next time you have to walk somewhere. It sure helps pass the time.

Oh, and the main rule? DON’T TOUCH  ANYTHING YOU FIND!


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