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Had a pretty motivated last couple of days. I’ve gotten a fair bit done, even though I’m working on a few projects concurrently. Perhaps not the best time-management technique, but it’s allowed me to switch gears several times during the day to keep things fresh.

This has all had me in pretty good spirits, which is pretty good for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m surrounded by sickos. That, and they’re under the weather. It’s been almost a week of being the only healthy person in the house, which means I’m the only one with any energy and not feeling like poop. I’ve been very careful to stay hydrated and all that other stuff to stay strong.

Knowing my body, as soon as I have this current crop of projects sent off (one is a TV commercial that starts airing June 16th), I likely wake up immobile and in a pool of my own drool, sweat, phlegm, and vomit. I’m like that. My body will fight and fight and fight until it’s a convenient moment to get sick. Then I’ll have my butt handed to me on a barbed-wire wrapped platter.

The other thing is that after a run of great, hot weather, it’s been pretty miserable the last couple days. Lots of rain (I actually like occasional rain), and some crazy wind.

Somewhere in all this, I’ve still made time for myself. One of my favorite things to do the last few nights is to stay up a little later than usual. I’ll get Mrs. Firestorm and THE DUDE~! all NyQuil’d up and to bed, then watch a batch of old WWF TV episodes from 1983-1985. If I wasn’t slightly tired myself, I’d probably never have the patience to sit through them, to be honest. They’re fun in their own way, but VERY formulaic and monotonous at times. Kinda slow moving, too.

Actually, if you didn’t know the airdates, you’d be hard pressed to know which shows were from 1983 and which ones were 1985. Even post-WrestleMania 1 they didn’t really spruce up the shows. That would come a year or so later when they rebranded all the shows.

Okay, enough of the nerd talk. After typing all that stuff above, I’m actually starting to feel a little achy and sniffly. Not a good sign. Might be best to get an early night.

I’ll post the commercial (for a string of live wrestling shows) here in the morning. In the meantime, if you are one of the lucky ones who is friends with me on Facebook, you can see it there.

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