Random Update

Adam And The Meejo  Like the title says, a RANDOM UPDATE!

Not a ton of rhyme or reason to this one, so to that I say “Hooray for disjointedness!”

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in these parts today. I’m just waiting to go back out in the sun. I spent a good portion of lunchtime mowing the front and back lawns. I seriously haven’t moved a lawn in maybe a decade. It was really all that fun, because the grass had been neglected (in the backyard anyway), to the point that it had grown to “jungle lengths”

I am aware that all these blogs are in an annoying bold. I tried. I couldn’t fix it. I’ll try again some day. It’s something buried deep in the CSS stylesheets.

I continue to be rather busy with different things. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Then I begin the next batch of projects, although I may take a day off in between. The main part of my next video project (sorry, that’s as detailed a description as I can give you right now) is national in scope.

I ate tacos last night and watched the 1980’s movie “Adventures in Babysitting” to unwind. I saw that movie a bunch of times when I was a kid. All I have to say is “Nobody leaves this place without singin’ the blues!”

Oh, and I don’t think I can recall ever having a babysitter when I was a kid, let along that poor dude in the movie who was 15.

I think I’m burned out on Hulk Hogan gossip. I read and watched a ton the last couple of weeks. Not to be mean, but I’m suprised NBC hasn’t releived him of hosting duties for American Gladiators. To make things worse, apparently the Hulk Hogan Grill is a safety hazzard and can blow up your house. I believed they’ve recalled the grill. Does that mean they have to refund everyones money?  That was the case when my sons car seat was recalled.

I want ice cream. Being sometimes lactose intolerant sucks. I say “sometimes,” because it’s really like Russian Roulette. You never know how things will turn out. Sometimes you get away unscathed. Other times…

Happy to hear my old friends at Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling made this years Pacific Cup Tournament another great one. No, I have no desire to be in a future Pacific Cup. Been there, done that. Besides, I’m probably too fat to qualify.

I forgot to take the sticker off my apple yesterday. I didn’t even realize until after I was finished.  Whoops!

Very cool news about the Figure Four Weekly and Wrestling Observer newsletters/web sites merging. Those are the two site I go to for my wrestling news, and now I only have to make one stop. Plus, there’s finally an electronic version of the Observer again, plus archives going back to 1991. Sweet!

Root beer is good. I’m going to leave now so I can go to the fridge and get some.


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