The Genius vs. Shakespeare

As I’m not sure what was aired tonight on Ringside Live, I’ll post this video anyway (with a slight explanation).

Ringside Live, the radio I do with Ian Hamilton every Friday night via BlogTalkRadio, was acting up. As a result of various tecnical problems (not our doing), we weren’t sure if we were broadcasting live, being recorded for streaming/podcasting/iTunes purposes, or just having a phone conversation amongst ourselves.

I mentioned this goofy Lanny Poffo video, which I still can’t find the words to describe. I said I’d post it right here for any listeners that wanted to retrieve the URL.

Well, with the help of the blogTalkRadio tech crew, we went on the air one hour later than usual, and all was well. I never mentioned the video in the redo. I have no idea if people were listening to the live broadcast or not, so here it is regardless.

Anyways, thanks to the BlogTalk folks for getting everything sorted out. I really enjoy being on the show, and it’s a great way to cap off the week for me. Thanks to Ian for keeping them on their toes and getting to the bottom of everything.

What’s almost sad is that me and Ian were essentially chatting among ourselves for about 40 minutes and having a great old time. I think some people would have gotten a good chuckle over some of the stuff we were talking about (which was mostly wrestling related except my revalation that I just recently began to actually understand what Ian is saying every week).

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  1. Lesley Downie – Hi Cath and Richard,I have just read your post. I am truly humbled by your cemtonms. Thankyou so much. We all have people in our photographic industry that we respect, admire and are inspired by. If all of us can inspire others, then we ourselves are enriched.Love you both.Lesley

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