End of the Week

It been quite an interesting week.

I’ve gotten a fair bit of work done, plus the weather here has been hot and scorching, which has left me toasty, yet usually covered in a layer of sweat. I’ve gotten into the terrible (but fun) habit of staying up late watching old wrestling clips and videos until it cools off enough to make going to bed more comfortable.

Sadly, this approach usually backfires as I’m up early the next morning and around dinner time I start falling asleep in my food. Oh well.

Speaking of oh well – the cat just puked on the floor.

I can’t get mad, though. Summertime means shedding fur, and cat’s are anal about their cleanliness and are always licking…and getting furballs that they then puke up. She’s just trying to look pretty for me. Thank goodness for hardwood floors! Her gagging woke up THE DUDE~!, who I can still here proclaiming “She’s puking! She’s puking!” Yes, a joyous moment for all!

Hope you enjoyed the little review I did the other night. I liked doing it, and will most likely do more reviews, but I need to tweak the format a little. I felt it was too long. I wrote it as I watched the show, whereas I think in the future I’ll watch it, then review the footage to make sure I ‘m not mistaken when I write the review.

I don’t like doing reviews of Shoot Interviews, so you won’t see one of those. They are too objective. What one viewer finds to be boring drivel, anothers treats as if it was gold. I do personally like Shoot Interviews, however, and would love to see the concept used in other forms of entertainment. Can you imagine the Quentin Tarantino Shoot Interview? Al Pacino?

I saw the Tugboat Shoot Interview. Yeah, you’re kinda grabbing at straws when you interview Tugboat. But he’s an interesting subject because he didn’t excactly do a whole lot of groundbreaking stuff, but he was around when a lot of big stuff happened. Good for perspective. It’s good to see he has a good sense of humor about the whole Shockmaster debaccle. He seems like your big, cuddly uncle with cool stories, to be honest. I cannot fault the Tugboat Shoot.

Ringside Live this week was a fun show. I was seriously dozing off a couple minutes before we went on the air, and my son needed a nap hardcore. I ended up getting him into his room and picking up the phone just in time to respond to Ian’s first question of the day. I was still drowsy, but like always, talking wrestling woke me up. As has been the case the last couple of months, Ringside Live has been the perfect cap on my work week, leaving everything on a high note.

We actually discussed who was the greatest between Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit, arguably the four best wrestlers of the past 2o years. Now that is an extremely difficult and objective list to come to, but rather then debate who else should be in and who should be out, it was easier to discuss who we were dealing with.

Plenty of different criteria was brought into play, and in the end the “Nature Boy” won out. I recommened listening to the show and sending me your comments. When it comes to legacies, Flair’s appears intact and in good hands at the moment. Bret’s s tarnished somewhat by his post-career comments and follies, and Kurt Angle is too much of a goof, making ridiculously inflated, boastful statements that damage his credibility when his character is supposed to be that he’s “real.”

We plan on doing a similar segment in upcoming weeks with notable tag teams in wrestling history. This will be dangerous, as you can easily find four teams worthy of carrying the “greatest” label from the 1980’s alone:

British Bulldogs

Hart Foundation

Midnight Express

Road Warriors/Legion of Doom

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

See, that was five teams without even trying. What about the New Age Outlaws? The Dudleys? Demolition? Harlem Heat? The Friendly Alliance? Head Cheese? This is going to be very tough to narrow down to four finalists, so send in your opinions now.

Tweaked the website ever-so-slightly this week. Finally got rid of the goofy bold text everywhere.

Oh, I bought a house this week too. If you have something you are trying to send me by mail, send it quick, or I’ll get you the new address. If you didn;t already know my mailing address, well, then I guess I didn’t want you to have it anyway. Actually, I’m excited about this move because it’ll allow me the space to set some of my stuff up properly and really make use of it. Plus I’ll be able to build another home gym, which I haven’t had since I left Calgary and have really paid the price for.

Anyways, that’s what up here at the Firestorm Family Compund. Stay tuned.



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