Now THAT is “Scoring!”

Ian, who I do Ringside Live with every Friday, passed along this little gem from the BBC News website.

The direct link is . I’ve pasted it below. Read it, and then I’ll be back with some fantastic related stories from my life.

Porn appears on rugby programme

New Zealand rugby team performs haka
Some New Zealand rugby fans were shocked by unexpected pornography

New Zealand rugby fans watching a regular sports programme found themselves viewing hardcore pornography instead on Sunday afternoon.

Four minutes of pornography interrupted sports coverage on the Prime Television channel, after what a spokesman described as a distribution mix up.

The pornographic footage was meant for an adult pay-per-view channel.

Instead, it found its way onto a regular free-to-air programme called “Grassroots Rugby”.

Rival television channels reported that some viewers were angry about the broadcast, which may have been seen by children.

 Now, being New Zealand-born, I can tell you that rugby in general, and the All-Blacks specifically, are an institution. I even have relatives who work or have worked in various capacities in that industry. Likely, this was a big deal. I’d ask my parents over there, who write for a newspaper, but given the time change, I’d likely be getting them out of bed.

Now, I promised you stories, and here they come. In an effort to not have one sprawling big post on this page, you can find all the juiciness by clicking the below link for more…

Okay, back in about 1990, when Technotronic was tearing up the charts with “Pump Up the Jam,” my parents sold our house. They purchased a new one, that was in the final stages of construction. We were told it would be done in time to move into, but construction was delayed significantly.

As a result, the development company put us up in a hotel for six weeks. We didn’t actually stay the full six weeks, as my parents had a UK vacation planned, and I stayed with relatives.

The only perk of that cramped room was the satellite TV. It was always advertising Wrestle War ’90 on PPV, and I was hoping I’d get to see it (I didn’t). It seemed the guy at the front desk just channel surfed all day, and the one satellite channel was whatever he happened to be watching.

I was watching a hockey game one night (I followed hockey in 1990), and some dude on the Rangers (can’t remember who), broke out of the pack and scored a goal. The announcers bellowed out the familiar “HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!.”

Within seconds, I saw a man that had not just scored, but was, in fact, in the process of scoring with a young lady. The hockey game had been switch to porn. Odd, but humorous timing.

While I wasn’t there, another incident occurred at big screen theatres airing a live broadcast of WrestleMania X-7 (one of the better WM’s in history).

As the show wrapped up, thousands of people, including families watching in theatres across Canada were bombarded with five storey high hardcore porn after the feed malfunctioned. Can you imagine the parents and kids reactions? Where’s the security camera footage when you need it!

So rugby has now joined the elite.

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