More Random Stuff…

NOTE:I found this sitting around as an unpublished draft, so I posted it. It is slightly out of date, and was probably writted about a month ago. I posted it because it mentions Pocky.

Yay…more random randomocity!

Yes, I am aware that I posted that TV commercial a whole day or two after I already posted it. Obviously, it didn;t occur to me at the time. I’m getting old, you see. Nothing to be concerned about until I start getting absent-minded when it comes to underwear.

There are four batteries sitting in front of me right now. They all seem to have no juice left in them. Not really sure why they’re sitting here and not in the garbage.

Read some stuff on the F4W board about strawberry Pocky. Yes, that stuff is great.

I’m supposed to be doing something else right now, but I’m having a momentary lapse in creative motivation. I had to grab some food. Sadly, I didn’t have any strawberry Pocky.

Sticking with the food theme (can you tell I’m hungry and my food isn’t ready yet?), I had some really good Thai food the other day. I was never one for Thai food, but I might have to change my mind.

There is a large Thomas the Tank Engine tent sitting in the middle of my living room. Every few moments, it moves. Creepy.

One of the projects I am working on…all the materials were suplied to me on a 4GB thumbdrive. Remember when floppy disks held about 1.2MB? Stupid disks. I still have a million of them from years ago, all with random stuff that I can;t get rid of on them.

I started watching a Best of Eric Idle/Monty Python DVD the other day. It had some of my favorite Python sketches on it, like the goofy Olympic Games that included marathons for incontinent people, swimming competitions for non-swimmers and the like. Pure gold. I paid $2.99 for it brand new, and it may be the best deal in the history of deals.





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