A Slacker Uprising? I’m In!

As a creative person and one who takes pride in producing a tangible product, I have always been looking for ways to “fake it til ya make it,” as they say. Sometimes that means using samples of a real drum kit instead of a live drummer for a song. Sometimes it means you just break down and use a drum machine.

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore is a person who has a voice that people listen to.  Sure, he’s out for his own benefit, but aren’t we all? At the very least, Michael Moore’s films have forced us to take a step back and think.

I find it very interesting that his latest offering Slacker Uprising will be made available via a free web download. How cool it that? To my knowledge this wil be the first “big name” movie mogul to directly release his work to the internet first.

That I find interesting. Interesting enough to sign up to get the download link.

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