End of Week Ramblings…

Don’t worry, everyone, I haven’t forgotten you, and I still love you all.

The weather out here has been fantastic. Even though I don’t have much to show for this season besides moving into a brand new Firestorm Family Compound, this has been one of my more enjoyable Summer’s in recent memory.

Been busy lately, between being a husband, Dad, and self-employed genius. I have been working on my exciting TV pilot project, and despite being easily distracted, I’ve been enjoying the work (as I always do), and getting a lot of personal satisfaction out of it.

This past Friday afternoon/evening saw Ringside Live mark our first anniversary.  We did a special two-hour show (which can be heard on the main page) during which on top of the latest wrestling and MMA news and retrospection, we crowned the Worst Wrestler Ever.

Rocky Mountain Thunder, please step forward.

RMT seems to be an enigmatic fellow. It seems outside his short AWA stint in the 1980’s, nobody can recall anything else he ever did, or where he went. Deep in the bowels of my mind, where I house useless facts such as the last time a wrestler was seen tripping over the ring steps on a live broadcast (listen to Friday’s show for the answer!) I pulled up a tidbit of unsubstantiated information.

“Gorgeous” Michelle Starr, the man who trained me, wrestled Rocky Mountain Thunder. Did he? I swear I heard him mention it once, and the timeframe seemed right, as Starr wrestled several AWA TV matches early in his career, and the timeframe matches up. Starr’s trainer, Billy Anderson certainly wrestled him, as seen on recently aired AWA reruns on ESPN Classic.

So I fired off an email to Mr. Starr. “Did you wrestle Rocky Mountain Thunder?” I asked.

The lengthy and detailed response is pasted below in it’s entirety…

“yes i think so”

That’s it. Not even any punctuation. And Starr is actually a very capable writer. Maybe he was in a hurry? Maybe he wanted me to stop asking silly questions and update the All Star Wrestling website?

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to prod him for more information before the radio show. Hmmm…perhaps the word “prod” was a poor choice when discussing a man who wears pink spandex, uses “It’s Raining Men” as his entrance theme, and wears makeup? Just a little humour there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Starr to death, if not grievous bodily harm. He’s done a lot for me and my family, and I truly consider him a big brother.

Mark my words, I’ll do my best to find out more, and get to the “bottom” of this!



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