Best in the World

Ring of Honor: Best in the World

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I picked up the Ring of Honor DVD “Best in the World” today.

I feel ROH have really scored a coup in mainstream distrbution for their series of “Best Of” style DVDs, this being one in the series. About a month ago, I tried out “Blood Stained Honor” which is a compilation of some of the more violent and bloody matches in the history of the company. I really enjoyed it, as a good brawl is always appreciated every-so-often by yours truly.

I’ll let you know how I like the new DVD. These discs are not my introduction to ROH, but I certainly haven’t seen as much of the product as I would have liked to over the past 6 or so years. So I am not one of those ROH uberfans you hear so much about. But what I do enjoy is good wrestling, and ROH delivers plenty of that.

These DVDs being priced very attractively at $10 or less makes them a safe gamble for fans who have never seen ROH before, and was certainly a factor in me buying them, too.

Then again, this disc features everyone from A.J. Styles to Samoa Joe to Terry Funk to Lance Storm to Kenta Freaking Kobashi, so in many ways it was a no brainer.

My only complaint is the bomus trading cards that come with each DVD. They are way cool, and remind me of the old Topps/O Pee Chee WWF trading cards I got when I was a kid. The only thing is, there’s supposed to be 6 in the set. I figured each DVD would have a different card. No such luck…I now have two Bryan Danielson’s.

Do you know what that does for my ego?  Having not one, but TWO trading cards of a guy that beat me in the ring in one of my few ECCW title bids?

Oh, wait, we later teamed up in Portland, so we are supposed to be friends, I think.

Nah, Bryan’s a good dude, and truly one of the best in the world.


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