Tag Teams

I often get asked a lot of questions about tag team wrestling, and if it is really much different for other type of wrestling matches.

In my opinion, tag team wrestling requires a completely different dynamic and approach. That would be why you can take a great tag team wrestler (for example, let’s say Ricky Morton) and he flounders as a singles wrestler (WCW early 1990’s).

Of course, for every example like the one above, feel free to throw Shawn Michaels in my face.

But to get back on track here, tag team wrestling is a pretty sweet science. It’s an artform to do right and smoothly. I have been in a few tag teams that I thought were very good, and have wanted to be in a few others that I thought would be even better.

Generation XThe first tag team I was a part of was Generation X with Strife. I have so many fond memories of that timeframe, as, while I had a little more ring experience than my partner, we were still learning and at the very least learning tha tag team side of things together. We were young, pretty fearless, liked the same style of wrestling, and got to work with guys way out of our league like Dr. Luther and his Army of Darkness. Those matches were total fights, but were valuable learning experiences, Japan style.

See the terrible story of our split HERE!

That was the only established team I was a part of besides my combination with Ladies Choice around 2003-2004. We were just sort of thrown together as two heels, but I thought we did fairly well for ourselves. Most people don;t know it, but I’m better on the mike than in the ring, and few can touch the LC behind the mike. My style in the ring is quite a bit different from his, but I felt when all the parts came together we were actually a really good team with a perfect combination of entertaining qualities, trash talk, and wrestling ability. This is one team that i would have liked to have seen developed further. Watch us take on Scotty mac and MTV Select host Brian Adler HERE.

As for failed teams…I pitched hard to be in a team with two men. Tony Kozina and Chance Beckett. With Tony, I just thought it would be fun and something different rather than beat eachother up. Plus, we’re great friends, so it makes it very easy to work in the ring together. We did get to team up n the inaugural Pacific Cup Tag Team Tournament, and that was the first time ever teamed up. I don’t think we did too bad at all.

With Beckett, there was an entire heel turn involved. I wanted to do something different and shake things up a little and see how the other side lives. Also, there was a lot of new, younger talent in ECCW at the time and I thought I could help their development by working with them. But the whole turn was supposed to result in an Adam Firestorm-Chance Beckett tag team. The two of us a very alike in many ways. But the key here, is at the time, Beckett was hotter than me, coming off his Super 8 appearance. People would be looking for his name for a while, then I’d come up. Yeah, that part is true. But also, I thought we’d gel perfectly. He’s a better wrestler than me, but I think I have a better grasp on some of the more psychological aspects of the ring game. We can both talk, but if we have someone to play off, we’re even better.

Sadly, I think Beckett and ECCW were having some issues at the time and it never paid off. Not putting that team together is one of the bigger wrestling regrets I’ve ever had. Bigger than when I picked up the phone and the voive at the other end said “this is Kevin Kelly from the World Wrestling Federation” and my response was “huh?” I thought individually we could have been good. As a team we could have been something awesome.


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