R.I.P. Joe Krantz

There are actually a few things that I have been meaning to write a blog about over the past few days. Rather than dilute this post with multiple topics, I’ll keep it to one for the moment.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday), I read that Joe Krantz was shot and killed while leaving his MMA gym in Abbotsford, BC.

While there are plenty of stories going around to why something like this might have happened, I can’t say I knew that Joe. In fact, my only dealings with him at all were as first a referee and then a co-promoter of a former incarnation of All Star Wrestling than ran shows in Cloverdale, BC.  My dealings with him were always strictly professional. In fact, on a couple of occasions, he was the one in charge who paid me for performing on a show.

That said, Joe had a lot of friends in the BC wrestling community. Both in and out of a wrestling setting. His passing is no doubt even more of a shock to him than me.

Joe, who was only 28, sadly leaves behind an eight year old daughter, and another child on the way. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Slam Wrestling article by Marty Goldstein

Vancouver Sun article

No matter the circumstances that led to his death, and the activities he was involved in, it is always heartbreaking to hear of yet another child losing a parent.

Like I mentioned previously, my dealings with Joe started and ended in the wrestling arena. I never associated with him outside on an event setting, and only ever saw him once out in public. I’m sure it’s a way many of his close friends and family would prefer to remember him…

He was buying flowers and chocolates.




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  1. big loss my name is americo peña and joe was my boss in the abbosford gym i am coah wrestling in el salvador i live before in canada and i joe give me the oportunity for teaching wrestling is his gym. i fell i lost one big freind problable i come back soon at canada and i go to family for show my respect.
    americo peña castellanos

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