Hello, kidderoos!

Today is halloween, when the freaks come out. When I was younger and single, Halloween was a good night to go out because for some reason, girls made extremely questionable wardrobe decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t make (read: dress provocatively) and get away with it.

This evening, I shall be taking THE DUDE~! out for his second ever Halloween experience. Last year went very well, and he has never forgotten it. We actually have two costumes for him this year, so I’m debating taking him out twice, or at least coming home, changing, and hitting up the houses that gave out the good stuff a second time in a different costume.

Yup, only the best in deceit and shenanigens for my kid! Actually, i’m a little bummed that I never thought of that when i was of Trick or Treating age.

Being that it is Halloween, I shall leave you with the 1985 Ministry track “Everyday Is Halloween” set to random horror movie clips. Have fun with it. Oh, and please be very safe out there tonight. Certainly don’t do any of the foolish things I did as a youngster, like shooting your friends with roman candles and bottle rockets.

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