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Friday Night Videos

You know the drill by now. I reminisce way too much, and as a result, mourn the death of the music video daily. Okay, they’re not really dead, but you’d never know they still exist. All these “music channels” are too busy showing D-rate celebrities on B-rate reality shows. I actually really, really like music […]


Hey, is anyone out there old enough to remember the old show Unsolved Mysteries? I think there’s a new version of it airing on cable now, but I’m talking to old school early 1990’s version hosted by Robert Stack (extra geek points: he was the voice of Ultra Magnus in Transformers The Movie). Anyhow, sometimes […]

Getting Old

For those of you paying attention, tomorrow is my birthday! Now, that puts me in a conundrum. You see, I like my birthday. Birthdays are great. It’s a celebration of being alive. At the same time, I really loathe the idea of getting another year older. I’m very young at heart (my wife will say […]

“The Wrestler” Trailer

There has been some unbelievable buzz over the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film “The Wrestler.” It’s been on several of the major festivals and is gearing up for it’s major theatrical release. Many people are calling the film the “ressurection” of Mickey Rourke’s career, as he plays the role of Randy “The Ram” Robertson, an old, […]

Stevie The Regurgitator

I am somewhat fascinated – perhaps to unhealthy degrees – with 1990’s pop culture. There was this little bubble there at the beginning  which was really unique as the eighties made their last stand and slowly morphed into something completely different, yet just as brightly coloured. Check out this clip from an early incarnation of […]

Inside the Office With Rene Goulet…For Free!

Hooray for free stuff! The fine people at Kayfabe Commentaries have released a free webcast of “Inside the Office With Rene Goulet.” [Click here to view] Now, longtime fans may already know that Mr. Goulet had a lengthy stint with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) as a road agent. Even older fans may remember […]