Inside the Office With Rene Goulet…For Free!

Hooray for free stuff!

The fine people at Kayfabe Commentaries have released a free webcast of “Inside the Office With Rene Goulet.” [Click here to view]

Now, longtime fans may already know that Mr. Goulet had a lengthy stint with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) as a road agent. Even older fans may remember him as a former WWWF tag team champion, of in the later stages of his in-ring career during the earliest days of the WWF’s nation expansion.

Whether you know of Goulet or not, this webcast is extremely informative, as he takes you for a rare peek behind the scenes at what went into the day-to-day running of the WWF’s live events, whether in a high school gym, or a major arena like Madison Square Garden.

It’s well worth checking out, and hats off to KFC for offering it for free on their website. You may already know of some of their great products, which take the idea of the traditional “shoot interview” about 10 steps beyond. Past titles have included the popular “Guest Booker” series, (where the subject tackles the task of rebooking a period of wrestling’s past), You Shoot (where fans send in their questions for the guest), and of course the antics of The Iron Shiek are well represented.

Check them out at

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