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History of the Intercontinental Championship – Disc One

The History of the Intercontinental Championship   Please understand that I did not write this all in one go. I did, however, write the majority of it while unwinding from Christmas dinner and suffering from the dreaded condition “Turkey Backlash.” Here we go. By the way, we are told not to try this at home. […]

Music Videos: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, everyone! The big day is finally here! Anyone that reads this blog knows I pine for the days when music video channels still aired music videos. Therefore, here’s a special Christmas edition of music videos chosen by Adam. I’m not saying any of these are even remotely good, but they are some of […]

Christmas Viewing

Well, kidderoos, we’re getting awfully close to Christmas (Christmas Eve as I write this!). I must admit, that this year, Christmas has snuck up on me a little bit. I generally don’t like to get into Christmas mode until after I’m done celebrating my birthday (November 25th), but it seems like the month since then […]

Stunner Gone Wrong

Oh, the frivolities of youth! I was on the site here today, only because I was updating to the latest version of the WordPress software, but I had to share this You Tube find (anyone who knows me knows that I am a You Tube addict). Let this be a lesson to all those who […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

So, we’re gearing up for Christmas. Store shelves are beginning to look a little bare. Popular electronics items are out of stock. Very large, cracky, possibly menopausal women are yelling at poor kids making $7.50 an hour. On the upside, all the television stations have the usual Christmas viewing fare in full rotation. I haven’t […]

Star of “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” Dies at 37

Wow, this really sucks. I really enjoyed the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” by Chris Bell. In short, the film is a look at steroids. Beyond that, it’s a look at America’s win-at-all-costs attitude, and what it takes to make it to the top. Even deeper, it’s a story of three brothers you idolized men who […]