Snow Fun

This’ll likely be the first of a few rapid-fire posts today. Not because I feel bad for not posting, but I really don’t want to lump three completely differently subjects together.

Out here in Victoria, BC, it’s a little annoying, yet hilarious all at the same time.

First a little background. I really was born in New Zealand. When I was a kid, winter consisted of some wind and rain. None of this snow or sub-zero weather business.

Then my family moves to Vancouver, BC (okay, Delta, but like anyone out there would know where that is on a map). It took years to adjust to the weather. Sometimes it would get to ZERO DEGREES CELCIUS at the height of winter. Oh my goodness! How can people live like this?

But I got used to it. Then I moved to Calgary, Alberta. First day there, it’s -35 degrees celcius. I’m used to zero, and it’s pulling a MINUS THIRTY FIVE on me. Car won’t start, and the next several days are also -35-ish. The Firestorm Family almost starved to death, as we had just moved in and hadn’t yet stocked the shelves.

I’ll say this about them there Calgarians, though. They know how to survive in that kinda cold. Downtown is connected by overhead walkways so you never have to go outside. When it snows, a million plows are already on the job. People actually know how to drive in snow, and all is well.

This past weekend here in Victoria, BC, we got a whopping 10 cm of snow. The city practically shut down. There were accidents aplenty. Yesterday (Sunday), church was cancelled. Flights were grounded and cancelled (which given that I have an aunt visiting right now made for some panic). And then last night the power went out.

Funny things happen when it snows here. I actually find myself wishing I was back in Calgary!

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