Star of “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” Dies at 37

Wow, this really sucks.

I really enjoyed the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” by Chris Bell. In short, the film is a look at steroids. Beyond that, it’s a look at America’s win-at-all-costs attitude, and what it takes to make it to the top. Even deeper, it’s a story of three brothers you idolized men who all hid a secret to what made them the heroes they were. The secret was steroids, and all three brothers tried that route to get ahead, citing that their heroes did it.

I really hope I did the film justice there.

Mike Bell was one of these three brothers. He was working as a high school football coach, but he had a wrestling connection. He had wrestled all over the West and East Coasts, including WWE and ECW. Apparently (and evidently from the film), his failure to achieve his dream was slowly destroying him from inside. He had attempted suicide in the past, and again following the completion of the film.

Now he is gone. I haven’t heard any details as to what happened, but nothing could make this anything less than a tragic tale. All the best to his family.

I have been waiting to be able to see “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” again, but something tells me I really won’t enjoy it as much this time. I still recommend it to all of you, however. It’s available on DVD. Go get it!

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