It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

So, we’re gearing up for Christmas. Store shelves are beginning to look a little bare. Popular electronics items are out of stock. Very large, cracky, possibly menopausal women are yelling at poor kids making $7.50 an hour.

On the upside, all the television stations have the usual Christmas viewing fare in full rotation. I haven’t caught an airing of Scrooged starring Bill Murray yet, but here’s hoping.

The awesome thing about Christmas shows, movies and specials, is the ads. Last night, one ad was for an enormous collection of Christmas music classics. Everything from Nat King Cole to Elvis and everything in between. What better CD collection could you possibly want to play 24/7 this season?

Let’s just PRETEND I was one of the rubes who picked up the phone and placed an order.  I’m sure my credit card information would have been processed by now. But let’s be realistic. Does anyone actually read the little blurb on the screen that says:


Have fun listening to “White Christmas” on Valentines Day, chumpweasel!

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