Saw The Wrestler

So last night, after much anticipation, and even havng director Darren Aronofsky on Ringside Live! a couple weeks back, I saw The Wrestler.

While I’d love to go on and on about what I thought about it, I just don’t think I can right now. I’m going to reserve my official judgement until after a second viewing, whenever that might be.

I will say that I haven’t stopped thinking about it in the 24 hours since I watched it. As far as what a movie is supposed to do – impact the viewer and make them think and feel something, I would say it was effective.

Perhaps it was TOO accurate? Maybe I saw a little more of myself in it than I expected. It certainly reminded me of way too many people I have known. Fluff it certainly was not.

Last night, someone asked me what I thought about it. I responded “I either loved it, or hated it, I’m not sure which one.”

As far as Mickey Rourke’s performance, it was everything you’ve heard it was.

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  1. TJF – Oscar nominee ( The Wrestler ) Mickey Rourke is an amznaig guy, an honest, brilliant actor and a geniune animal lover. Here’s hoping that his come-back to Hollywood affords him more opportunities to promote animal issues as he skyrockets to stardom for the SECOND time! Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is an amznaig group of people, as well.

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