So Proud Of Myself

Now, I don’t try to be (too) vain, but read the title of this post.

Yes, I’m very proud of myself today.

Years ago, I stumbled across a website that I just loved. It contained a collection of really weird, bizarre, lame, and laughingly awful video footage. It’s as if these people taped every minute of every channel every day of the 80’s and 90’s. They had lovingly assembled everything from security guard Gary Coleman going wild to Geraldo Rivera getting in fights with people knocking his religious background. They even illegally sold bootleg videos of all this stuff  (“by donation,” of course).

Then I forgot the URL.  All I remembered was that included “TV.” I spent countless hours (way more than I am willing to admit at my most nerdy) before assuming it was lost into the ether forever. The most extensive of extensive and creative uses of Google didn’t ever find it.

Today I found it, quite by accident. Tell my family I love them and miss them, but won’t be available for a few days.

I am proud of me. Geek on!

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