“The Wrestler” Gets Jobbed Out (Well, Sort Of)

The Wrestler Pulls In Two Oscar Nominations.

The Wrestler Pulls In Two Oscar Nominations.

The Oscar nominations are in, and it has to be a bittersweet moment for those involved with The Wrestler.

While Mickey Rourke gained a Best Actor nomination for his role of Randy “The Ram” Robinson, and Marissa Tomei a nom for Best Supporting Actress, that was about it.

Most people were expecting the film to be up for Best Picture, as well as Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Wrestler” to be up for Best Song. Don’t worry, the song from WALL-E made it, as did two tracks from Slumdog Millionaire.

The story at this point is whether or not Rourke can weather the storm against the decidedly stiff competition (pun intended) of Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Frank Langella and Richard Jenkins.

My personal take is that the crusties that made the final choice to nominate The Reader instead of  The Wrestler, as the other nominations were pretty much a given. Perhaps they were just not wearing their bifocals when writing down their picks and made a spelling error?

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