“Jim Ross Exposed” and Free Videos

Received word from old contact and director/producer Michael Moody this morning.

He has a weird/interesting/rare/candid video of WWE’s Jim Ross that he has just posted to You Tube. I’m not sure exactly when it is from, but I would assume it is from his days with Bill Watts‘ Mid South promotion back in the 1980’s. You can watch the video by clicking here. It follows Moody’s introduction.

Moody will also be posting all his previously produced videos, DVDs and documentaries to his You Tube channel for free over SuperBowl weekend. Past titles include 101 Reasons Not to Be a Pro Wrestler, New Jack: Hardcore, Fightland and many other titles covering everything from medicinal marijuana to UFO’s. All in all there will be over 15 titles covering about 10 years worth of work.

Many of Moody’s DVDs are available at his website www.HollymoodEntertainment.com, should you wish to purchase one that you enjoyed.

Check it out, and be sure to spread the word.

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