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Oscars and Stuff

So last night I watched pretty much all of the Academy Awards show. This is the first time I have dared to do such a thing since about 1990.  I can’t even really tell you much about what I was up to in 1990. I lived in a brand new house with my parents, had […]

This is News?

The Octo-Mom…this is considered news? I don’t know how much airtime I’ve seen decicated to this woman in the past week.  The news shows spend half their programs on her (or the “Tot-Mom”). Then, in passing, they’ll cover some massive disaster that kills a bunch of innocent people. I guess stuff  like that isn’t newsworthy […]

I Don’t Even Know What to Say

I was about 28 when my son was born, and I felt way too young to have someone else’s life in my care. I can’t even fathom this kid being able to comprehend what is going on. From The Sun over in the U.K. Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13

The “Drug of the 80’s”

And nope, it’s not cocaine! It’s video. VIDEO MADNESS to be very specific. Part One: 20/20 on Video Madness – 1984 – part 1 of 2!!Uploaded by videohollic Part Two: 20/20 on Video Madness – 1984 – part 2 of 2!!Uploaded by videohollic

So THIS Is What Death Feels Like?

Or at least I can’t see it being much worse. I’ve been totally knocked out for about three days now with a killer flu. Me, THE DUDE~!, and Mrs. Firestorm have all fallen victim to it. In fact, to type this is the longest I’ve been out of bed in days. If I see much […]

SuperBowl…Is That a Type of Fancy Toilet?

I don’t follow football. I won’t be watching the SuperBowl. Please don’t be offended. I don’t follow any team sports. Really. No football, no hockey. No baseball or basketball. Not even cricket. Not even the big games. Sorry. Don’t ask me who I’m rooting for. Don’t ask what my SuperBowl party plans are. What will […]