So THIS Is What Death Feels Like?

Or at least I can’t see it being much worse.

I’ve been totally knocked out for about three days now with a killer flu. Me, THE DUDE~!, and Mrs. Firestorm have all fallen victim to it. In fact, to type this is the longest I’ve been out of bed in days. If I see much more CNN in bed, I will lose it!

Anyhow, I have a few reviews in the works, so once I can concentrate again, we’ll try to finish those and post them.

A word of advice from your buddy, Adam…

Don’t get the flu. I ache everywhere. It sucks. The doctor says I’m not actually dying, but I sispect they might be a quack. They certainly didn’t give me a very friendly look when my response to “how can we help you today?” was “I think I am dying.”

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