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Disspelling Untruths About Slackers

A little while ago, I told you all that there is an art to being an effective slacker. This is something I truly believe. Slackers are not the lazy, useless slugs that they are often perceived to be by the media or their peers. Actually, it makes me a little angry when I hear stuff […]

WrestleMania Thoughts and Memories

So for a good portion of the day today, I threw on the second disc of WrestleMania 2000. For those of you not familiar with the WrestleMania 2000 DVD,  it’s a fairly rare gem these days due to it being one of the rare “pre-WWE” name changeover titles. The first disc is the event istself and […]

WrestleMania or WrestlingMundanea?

Okay, every year at this time I start getting really excited. I get geared up. I get psyched. I get ready to go. I get ready for…WrestleMania! The first WrestleMania I saw was WrestleMania 2, although the gaps were quickly closed (I like being thorough). The first WrestleMania I was absolutely suckered into hook, line and […]

Am I Better Than You?

I will try to word this delicately… I have just returned to my keyboard from a most explosive visit to the bathroom. Knowing that I might be a while, I opened one of my boxes of wrestling magazines and grabbed one for reading material. Well whattayaknow, it’s the PWI 500, always a discussion-starter. Apparently, this […]

In the earliest stages of my pro wrestling career, my primary focus was strictly on getter better. This mostly meant securing more matches and getting more training. This went fairly well until it was pretty obvious to me that I was improving with each and every outing. It was at this time when I had […]

Update From a Slacker?

Hello, my fine Firestorm Fanatics! Now, I must apologize for being slow to update regularly in the past little while. The flu really knocked me off my feet, and it’s little friends that it invited over are determined to overstay their welcome, especially Mr. Hacking Cough Fit, and the fine Miss Sneezynose McGhee. I’ll never […]