Update From a Slacker?

Slacker, the Movie

Slacker, the Movie

Hello, my fine Firestorm Fanatics!

Now, I must apologize for being slow to update regularly in the past little while. The flu really knocked me off my feet, and it’s little friends that it invited over are determined to overstay their welcome, especially Mr. Hacking Cough Fit, and the fine Miss Sneezynose McGhee.

I’ll never promise to be an every day poster, no way. Not that it won’t happen. If I say I’m not a daily poster and end up posting daily for a while, then it’s like “yay, cool!”, right? If I tell you I post daily and I miss a day, then it’s like “Adam is a lazy bum!”

But, you see, if I say I will post “hardly ever” and post once-in-a-while, I’m already overachieving, right?

I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of words that can be used to describe me. Lazy sometimes may seem accurate, but it is not. If I was lazy, for example, I wouldn’t have put years and years of indentured servitude into professional wrestling.  Lugging around solid steel structures and lumber and putting them together into a ring is neither light, nor easy, work. Not to mention letting people see you prance around in spandex pants after you finally get it erected. Especially when you’re doing it over and over for free.

But alas, I can say that I may very well be a genius. And no, I don’t say that jokingly. For there are some things that I am very, very good at. Very good indeed. Good enough to be paid a lot of money by people not as smart as me to do things for them that they aren’t smart enough to do themselves. 

Lazy, I am not. I am simply a man who works on his own schedule. Some call people like myself  “slackers”. I’m not sure if I like that label, but If I have to be labelled, I’d rather be a slacker than say, a stalker or something. Or a nuisance. Actually, scratch that, because depending on the situation, I might not care if  I’m being a nuisance. Sometimes being a nuisance is fun.

But a true slacker has a lot to do. Being a slacker is not about doing nothing, as some people seem to think. It’s actually pretty hard work being a slacker. And there’s rules. Yes, you heard me right, there are rules to being a slacker.

Sure, it sounds cool to just wake up one day and put on yesterdays pants and proclaim “I think I’m going to be a slacker from now on.” Doesn’t work that way, bub. You think it does, but you’re wrong. Being a slacker is a long, hard, often arduous road. But there are rewards. Slackers are people with principles. They don’t just slack because they feel like it. They slack because it’s right.

So hopefully this post made you think a little. A little bit about you, a little bit about me. I want to put more on this blog, like audio and video, and maybe talk about some of these things, but I don’t want them to go over your head.

Until then, feel free to leave your thoughts, or send them to me directly.


One Response to “ Update From a Slacker? ”

  1. I think this “slacker” business must be genetic. I mean, your talents must have come from somewhere, right?
    It’s darn hard work sitting around all day trying to look busy. Exhausting in fact.
    The Progenitor

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