Am I Better Than You?

I will try to word this delicately…

I have just returned to my keyboard from a most explosive visit to the bathroom. Knowing that I might be a while, I opened one of my boxes of wrestling magazines and grabbed one for reading material.

Well whattayaknow, it’s the PWI 500, always a discussion-starter. Apparently, this one is from December 2001. For those that aren’t familiar with the PWI 500, it’s a listing of the top 500 professional wrestlers in the world as decided by the people at Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

According to this list, I am better than John Cena, Rob Conway, Matt Stryker,Trent Acid, Hernandez, Jimmy Rave, Heidenreich, Frankie Kazarian, Nathan Jones, Manu, Paul Diamond, Amazing Red, and many others.

So, pretty much, I guess that means that my career was supposed to continue it’s upward path, and headline this years WrestleMania.

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