Disspelling Untruths About Slackers

A little while ago, I told you all that there is an art to being an effective slacker. This is something I truly believe. Slackers are not the lazy, useless slugs that they are often perceived to be by the media or their peers. Actually, it makes me a little angry when I hear stuff like that.

On the contrary, they are some of the most ingenious, industrious and constructive people you will meet. They simply have a a different personality type that cause them to process some types of information differently. Above all else, however, they value their spare time. As a result, true slackers are not lazy (and some would say not even really slackers at all), but masters of time shifting and time management.

It needs to be quickly clarified that their are two general types of slacker. I’m sure this could be broken down into many sub-groups, but generally speaking, here are the main two:

Fake Slackers:

These are the true lazy people. They cannot be depended on, and they are not altogether very responsible. They often fail at life. Often, they see other slackers doing little to the untrained eye, and try to copy them.

Real Slackers:

This is the way to go. If you’re a student, this means it’s not about not doing your homework (that could risk falling behind and having to do MORE work), it’s about developing negotiating skills, or good listening skills to minimize the amount of work done of YOUR time. In the above school-based example, you’re supposed to be at school anyway. Use the time there to do enough to get by (or all the work, even), so when your dumb friends are stuck at home that night doing homework, you’re out having a great time.

So yes, that’s the key here. You see, your free time is YOUR time, and is more valuable than anything else in a slackers world. Your time is when you can do whatever you want.

Rule #1 of Being a Slacker:

Don’t let them get to your free time.

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