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Here’s a little something extra that crossed my mind after yesterday’s post re: Columbine and the changes in the world since.

When I was a teenager, I would get together with my cousins who were close to me in age and location. We would often make movies, letting our imaginations run wild.  Then we let them run a little wilder.

We started making bad Kung Fu movies that centred around a character named Billy Chang, played by my cousin Aaron. We did a short movie using all sorts of crude special effects, such as bright red Kool-Aid squirting out of a severed arm.

Our first little movie reached a cult-like status among our friends. Heck, there were even people I didn’t even know who had seen it. I’m not joking when I say that for years, people would come up to me and say “were you in that Billy Chang video?”

For our sequel, we realized that the locations were what made the movie cool to our friends (and by association, that made us cool).

Sanatu and Billy Chang in Action

Sanatu and Billy Chang in Action

So, we ventured to different places to film parts of the sequel. Some of it was shot at our church. We shot other scenes in parking lots, parks, you name it. Even the airport.

Yup, I said it. Even the airport.

You’d think a bunch of teenage kids dressed up in kimonos acting out poorly choreographed fight scenes would get you kicked out of the airport.  No, not us.  But can you imagine? Can you imagine what would happen now?

If we were to go to the airport and shoot Billy Chang 3 fifteen years later, dressed up all goofy, and kicking and fighting, CNN would be on the scene in seconds covering the next major terrorist attack. We’d all be thrown in jail or something.

Oh, times, how they change.

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