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Back! And DVD Stuff, Too

Hi everyone! I’ve been taking it easy for the last little while. Sorry things have been so quiet around here. A few people have asked if I have any copies left of the Adam Firestorm: Retrospective DVD I put out a few years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have any left except my own personal copy. […]

Here’s a video I recently produced for an upcoming event in Thunder Bay, Ontario promoted by Wrestling Supershow. Take a look, then keep reading… For the benefit of those who want a little more info, the date of the show is Thursday, June 18th at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, Ontario. More info […]

Can You Book Better Than a Four-Year Old?

  After sitting through a particularly lame episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and a year or so of questionable booking in general, I really had to question a lot of the decisions that WWE higher-ups have been making. At times, it just seemed like they were totally out of touch. At others, it seemed […]


Okay. So, sometimes you need to unwind a little. And sometimes that unwinding goes better with a little mindless entertainment. Perhaps that is why I downloaded a copy of the 1989 VHS videocassette Midget Madness. Now, I remember when this video came out. It was EVERYWHERE. And it was selling for pretty cheap. It’s one […]

What a Week!

Wow, I leave things alone for a couple days and everything goes crazy! Swine Flu! [See what the Firestorm Family is doing about it] 13 Year Old Honor Student Strip Searched For Having Ibuprofen at School! [Video] WWE Wants To Add MORE Programming? Adam is Dumb and Accidentally Deletes the Wrong File and the Whole […]