What a Week!

Wow, I leave things alone for a couple days and everything goes crazy!

  • Swine Flu! [See what the Firestorm Family is doing about it]
  • 13 Year Old Honor Student Strip Searched For Having Ibuprofen at School! [Video]
  • WWE Wants To Add MORE Programming?
  • Adam is Dumb and Accidentally Deletes the Wrong File and the Whole AdamFirestorm.com Site Goes Down!

On top of all this ridiculous news, I also received word the other night that “Playboy” Buddy Rose had passed away. My first reaction was to run to this very blog and post the news, but due to hesitation and a number of other circumstances, I didn’t. As expected, the internet lit up with the news the next morning and it was everywhere.

I wasn’t close with Buddy Rose, but I am friends with some who are. I have been around him a number of times at wrestling shows we both worked on. I always heard all the stories from everyone else, both the good and the bad. He was one of the first “name” wrestlers I saw on one of my first indy wrestling shows.  Many years later, I had gone from spectator to participant and was able to talk “shop” with him, as it were. My short conversations with him always left me with anticipation for the next one.

I’ll write a proper article, hopefully in the next few days, that does Buddy a lot more justice than a passing mention in a week with so many silly stories. I’ll even dig into the old Northwest Wrestler magazine archives and see what pictures i might be able to share.

I’ll just close for now by saying that I find it sad that so many of todays young crop of up-and-comers won’t be able to pick his brain, because Buddy was a really invaluable resource. As each “veteran” bids us adieu and walks through to the other side of the curtain, thay take with them a wealth of knowledge and information that is useful, in some cases mandatory, and required learning for the new generation of wrestlers. Sadly, we’re getting to the point where there are fewer and fewer of those legitimate regional superstars around to impart that important knowledge.

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