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Michael Jackson Confirmed Dead…

The Los Angeles Times has confirmed the Michael Jackson has indeed died as a result of a cardiac arrest. It was being reported earlier that he was in a coma. Crowds are gathering outside the UCLA Medical Center to mourn as seen in the image above, taken off the live broadcast on CNN. What’s really […]

“King of Pop” Dead?

It’s all over the news right now. CNN and Headline News are reporting Michael Jackson has simply been hospitalized, while TMZ and other entertainment sites are reporting he died of a cardiac arrest in California. While there will be plenty of people happy about this, you can’t deny the huge impact Jackson has had over […]

A Sample of My Play-By-Play Silliness…

When I was a kid, it was my goal to end up doing wrestling play-by-play or interviews or something. Somewhere along the way I got derailed and ended up being a wrestler instead. I did get to do some play-by-play from time to time though, including on a number of public access broadcasts and the […]

Some More Videos From My Archives

I posted a few more matches from my old camcorder tapes in the last few days. Actually, I’ve only gone through one tape so far, and I have many of them. Most of the footage is of my own matches (I sometimes tried to bring my camera and get someone to record my stuff), but […]

WWE Classics Video On Demand

It’s not often that I gush over a WWE product. Not because I hate WWE, but because the product is so accessible that I just don’t think people would be interesting in reading my views on it. I have given high praise to several of the WWE Home Video DVD releases in the past, but […]