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It’s not often that I gush over a WWE product. Not because I hate WWE, but because the product is so accessible that I just don’t think people would be interesting in reading my views on it. I have given high praise to several of the WWE Home Video DVD releases in the past, but for the most part, they are releases that have received universal praise and are really “can’t miss” titles. Actually, if you want my opinion (I know…you didn’t ask for it), the WWE’s retrospective DVDs are the best thing they have going.



During a fit of boredom – which is a stupid thing to have when the weather is as fantastic as it is around here right now – I signed up for a whole whopping month of the newly-re branded WWEClassics.com. The cost was $3.95, not exactly the kind of price that breaks the bank. That is, unless you only have $3.94 in your account.

After several days, I have barely scratched the surface. They offer matches and classic segments from the WWF/E, WCW, ECW and AWA libraries. No World Class that I have noticed yet. I so far have enjoyed a number of matches, both short and long, and some of their themed specials as well, such as “Wrestling Hotbeds” which spotlights a certain area (for example, Tommy Dreamer hosted the edition focusing on Philadelphia).

They have a pretty good recurring ECW show, “ECW Legacy,” which, up until the most recent show was hosted by Joey Styles and Tazz. The show clocks in at just under an hour, and each episode follows a theme. Past shows included ECW matches from Hall of Famers (like the Funks, Dusty Rhodes), and best Three Way Dances. It’s a good little show.

So I have three-and-a-half weeks to continue poking around. There’s no way to get through all the content. I’d recommend checking it out. You don;t have to sign up to see what’s on offer, just go to http://www.wweclassics.com.

The only negative I have found is inconsistent standards applied to the footage. The ECW Legacy shows carry a special warning stating the show is TV-14, and may contain violence, language and blood. Yet, in the heat of the famous and bloody bullrope match between Steve Corino and Dusty Rhodes, the picture switched to black-and-white to reduce the gore factor. In other matches I watched on the service, the blood was left unedited. Maybe it’s an issue with double juice?

Anyhow, check it out, especially if you don’t get WWE 24/7 (or whatever it is called now) in your area.

Just don’t be confused, because the site has gone through at least three name changes, WWE 24/7 Online, WWE Legacy, and now WWE Classics.

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  1. Hey man, I’m a long time subscriber to the service. It’s awesome isn’t it?

    I saw you couldn’t find anything from WCCW. Check out their Last Month section. The entire month was dedicated to the library. Lot’s of good stuff in there!

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