A Look At WWF Coliseum Home Videos

Back in the mid-1980’s, the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) began distributing home videos through Coliseum Home Video. While they were not the first wrestling releases in the burgeoning home video market of the 80’s, they were by far the most popular and most visible.

In this video, I give an introduction to the series of tapes, some pros and cons, background on Coliseum Home Video (was it owned by the WWF?) as well as some information for those working on their own collection.

I’ll be posting some more video and merchandise-related videos soon. To go directly to my You Tube account, CLICK HERE.

5 Responses to “ A Look At WWF Coliseum Home Videos ”

  1. hi there, do u know where i can get wwf dvd covers?

  2. Hey buddy,
    My father was the owner of Coliseum Video and I was the one who got him into wrestling in the first place. Great site, I am going to send you some fun wrestling pics, Keep on bloggin!!


  3. hey adam it’s lewis a fellow wrestling fan where did you get all your videos from please reply thanks.

  4. Your answer lifts the inigllteence of the debate.

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