Finally, The Firestorm Has Returned to Indy Wrestling?!?!?!

Just a heads up to everyone in the area. If you want to see me crawl out of the cave that I have been in, I’ll be doing so this weekend. I’ll be appearing on two independent wrestling shows on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Please keep in mind that for various reasons, I will NOT be wrestling on these shows, but I WILL be participating on them in one way or another.

Friday September 25th – Victoria, BC

PWA will be in Victoria at the Native Friendship Centre for a FREE show. I will be either refereeing or announcing on this show, so come and say hi, and I’ll prank you by telling the crowd it is your birthday and get them all to sing Happy Birthday to you. Doors open at 6:00pm. Signed for the show: Lak Siddartha battles Mad Dog Sugar and the winner of Disco Fury vs. Ronnie the Greaser in an elimination No-Holds Barred Match for the British Columbia Heavyweight Title; Team Japanada challenges the Kelownafornians in a 2/3 falls tag team title match; Panama Wasp faces Big Bad Chad and more!

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Saturday September 26th – Campbell River, BC

All Star Wrestling will be at the Thunderbird Hall. I will most likely be announcing the event.  Announcing was originally the job in wrestling I wanted to do, so I love being able to do it again. On the card you will see Sgt. Kaos tangle with Ladies Choice, Team Japanada vs. Kelownafornians, Disco Fury vs. Big Bad Chad and much more.

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This will be the first time I have reared my ugly head in well over a year, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m even debating bringing a video camera with me to see what I can document from the trip. Hope to see you there!

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