You Guys Rule!

I just wanted t throw this out to the masses…

You guys rule!

I don’t even know who most of “you guys” are, but this website has been getting some pretty decent traffic of late. Decent enough that I can easily justify regular postings.

So I guess this is a bit of a vanity moment. People like me. That is nice.  My concern when I chose to be less-active in the ring was that people would stop visiting. Either people were hooked by the wrestling and stuck around for the goofy personality, or people just found the goofy me and bookmarked the site. It makes me happy either way. Happy enough to be my silly self, then post it for your entertainment.

Stay tuned.

One Response to “ You Guys Rule! ”

  1. Congrats that you are feeling proud on getting descent traffic. Even i have blog too and the same rule is applied every time when i get in active the traffic get off .


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