WrestleMania Sunday!

Well, it’s WrestleMania Sunday, my friends. This is a day that brings back a LOT of memories for me, and trust me, they’re all good. The first WrestleMania I saw was WrestleMania 2, however, that was by way of videotape. I didn;t see any of the hype going into the event, just what happened afterwards. […]

Andy Kaufman

Hey, kids…it’s just me checking in again after slacking off. I’ve been in the habit the last few weeks of probably staying up way too late considering I have a rugrat that likes to come drop an elbow on me early in the morning. With the house nice and quiet in the night-time, I have been spending […]

Is This The Same Man?

Last night on CBC, The Fifth Estate program offered what I personally thought was a well-balanced piece on the life and death of Chris Benoit. The one thing that stood out the most to me, however, was a segment where they ran down recent deaths in professional wrestling. As they listed off names, they included […]

Cool Dudes and Jerks

Through the wacky world of professional wrestling, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some extremely interesting a great people. I’ve also found myself in more than a few ridiculous situations (ie: locked in the back of a Ryder truck for five hours) with equally ridiculous people. I’ve had carbombs go off outside my hotel room […]

Video Fun

Yesterday marked two years since I opened my You Tube account. In that time, my videos have been watched over 200,000 times. I’ve received terrific feedback, and been invited to work on a number of really interesting projects as a result of people viewing my work. Here’s a couple fun vids to check out, and […]

Holiday Update

Hello, my dear friends and loyal “Firestorm Fanatics!” I apologize for not posting the obligatory “Merry Christmas” post on here, but to be honest, Christmas kinda came out of nowhere for me this year. My birthday is November 25th, and I have long refused to get caught up in Christmas hoopla until after then.  Of course, I went […]