What a Week!

Wow, I leave things alone for a couple days and everything goes crazy! Swine Flu! [See what the Firestorm Family is doing about it] 13 Year Old Honor Student Strip Searched For Having Ibuprofen at School! [Video] WWE Wants To Add MORE Programming? Adam is Dumb and Accidentally Deletes the Wrong File and the Whole […]

Dusting Off Old Memories

So for the last couple of days, I have been going through some old camcorder tapes. At different times I would take  a video camera on the road with me to shoot my matches for later critiquing.  Or to just shoot all the fun stuff that happens between shows. I’ve found a lot of matches […]

Setting Things Straight

It has been brought to my attention recently that people have made claim to being my trainer for professional wrestling. They have done so in order to perhaps lend themselves credibility in the field of professional wrestling training (ie: spinning a yarn to make some fast bucks). For the record, I never attended a formal […]

Additional to Yesterday…

Here’s a little something extra that crossed my mind after yesterday’s post re: Columbine and the changes in the world since. When I was a teenager, I would get together with my cousins who were close to me in age and location. We would often make movies, letting our imaginations run wild.  Then we let […]

4.20 / Columbine

Ten years ago, I was sitting in a cheap motel room in (I think) 100 Mile House, BC. I was in the middle of a ten or so day road trip for Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, and I was getting ready to do a show that night at the local high school gym. While kicking […]

The Truth About the Animals

So… A little earlier today, I was getting all the garbage and recycling and composting ready to take to the curb. Today is our pickup day. One of my tasks was to scoop out all the tasty nuggets from the cat litter bin. It’s a crappy job, but somebody has to do it. As soon […]